Dr. Tsangyao Chen attended National Taipei Teachers College in Taipei, Taiwan and pursued a Master of Education degree at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. After receiving his master’s degree, Dr. Chen went to Phenom Penn, Cambodia and worked as an Educational Specialist for Taipei Overseas Peace Service in the areas of training and capacity building. Dr. Chen implemented the Train-The-Trainer model for the training of more than one hundred teachers and founded the monthly newsletter Educational Reform before going back to Athens, Ohio to complete his doctorate in Instructional Technology.
During the course of his doctoral program, Dr. Chen took the positions of Technology Specialist and Assistant Director for Information Systems at Ohio University. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Chen worked as a consultant at the Institute of Information Industry in Taiwan doing policy research, learning technology development, and industry consulting. Dr. Chen participated in the planning of digital infrastructure at various level and contributed to the creation of e-learning standards and frameworks in Taiwan.
Dr. Chen later joined Chung Yuan University as an Assistant Professor for Management Information Systems. During the tenure, Dr. Chen was voted as Best Advisor twice and developed his research streams in the domains of online learning and ontological engineering. In addition to engaging in teaching and research, Dr. Chen managed international programs for the university and the Ministry of Education. Dr. Chen helped initiate international programs such as the annual Taiwan Higher Education (THE) Fair and the bilateral Higher Education Forum (HEF) in the ASEAN countries.
In 2016, Dr. Chen came to Florida State University (FSU) on a research leave and stayed for his second doctorate in Information Science with a focus on how cognitive and social biases affect online health decision-making and the design of theory-based HCI components for debiasing. At FSU, Dr. Chen taught courses such as Information Systems and Services (Linux, Bash, MySQL) as a lead instructor and Database Management and Business Intelligence (BI) as a Teaching Faculty. In addition, Dr. Chen also worked as a Researcher implementing the research data repository system for the university's Health Data Science Initiative (HDSI) project and as a Research Technollgy Specialist at the Research Computing Center.
Dr. Chen currently serves as an Assitant Teaching Professor in the Department of Business and Information Technologuy at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T).